With AIMSSEC, you get a trading experience that helps you invest online with confidence.


Stockbroking Services


Share trading service

 We mainly helping Australian and Asia pacific investors with stockbroking services. As a full-service stockbroker, AIMSSEC offer tailored services for financial institutions and professional users to meet needs and execution plans with access to local and global share market.

Market research

By joining us, our top tier investment researching team facilitate clients accessing market news, analysis, industry segments data for building-up actionable portfolio and asset allocation execution.

Private Wealth management

Our specialists will pursue the goals of individuals, families and trust funds by make-to-measure advice aiming to increase your wealth.

Corporate investment services

AIMSSEC institution services can provide you with a wide range of investment products including local and international bonds, stocks and funds as well as diversification and asset allocation services.

Professional Equity Research

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We know what the active investor needs to succeed – with outstanding service and the best value in the market, you’ll be able to execute your trades fast on streamlined, reliable stockbroking platforms.


Our Core Beliefs



We endeavour to do all we can to service our clients and build our relationships. We value the trust our clients show us by putting them at the heart of everything we do at APP Securities.

Risk averse

We are disciplined in our approach to risk in the financial markets. Risk can provide return opportunities but the forefront of our investment approach is to minimize the probability of downside risk.

Long-term thinkers

Our investment focus, both for our clients and as a business is to build long term plans and not fall into the trap of short-termism. We believe in being rewarded through robust and intelligent ideas, discipline and patience.

Invest in our people

Our vision is to have the most passionate, experienced advisers equipped with only the best ideas and investment solutions for our clients.